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as much as i love the original, i really do love this mix a bit more. the only thing about it that i dont like is the outro, as the original had a very dreamy and meloncholic ending since due to the fadeout. This outro, while having more finality to it, kinda leaves the song feeling less mysterious overall, which i think was one of the most fantastic parts about the original, how mysterious and ominous it sounded. Overall though this new mix is fantastic and I cant wait to see what you do next.

reminds me of a Snails House song but with a much heavier drop. i like it but the minimal changes between the first and second halves kinda disappointed me. I was hoping for a little harmony at the end in the higher ranges. Overall, fantastic though.

its got good drive, and i can appreciate the atmosphere and ambience, but personally, i dont really like it. However, its just good. I dont like it personally, but its really good.

Midnights-Ocean responds:

I'm actually pleased to hear that. I work quite hard on the quality of my works. Obviously this flavor of music isn't everyone's thing. I REALLY appreciate the review and honesty! : D

those taiko drums are pretty cool. needs to be more bassy or the rhythym of the taikos need to be crazier with some TIGHT sixteenth / sextuplet runs in those taikos. thats about it

its so FUCKING LOUD. and theres no bass besides the metal guitar

Cethic responds:

You have a volume slider, and yes there is. Get headphones or speakers that aren’t shit.

I felt like the song was just one big buildup with no real payoff. It sounds nice overall, but I feel that its just lacking a B-part that sounds a little bit different.

this song is gay but like in a cool way

5/4 time is really fun not gonna lie. This song is paced very well imo, and has a very very good build up. My only problem with it is the cymbals, as they sound kinda basic and out of place. I love the distorted synth during the drop, and the melody is fantastic. I love it.

I dont like the drop but the buildup is pretty cool I guess.

Delerium responds:

cool beans mate

Your guitar sounds a little canned, but everything else is really nice. 10 / 10 / 10

I feel asleep and i cant get up!



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