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reminds me of a Snails House song but with a much heavier drop. i like it but the minimal changes between the first and second halves kinda disappointed me. I was hoping for a little harmony at the end in the higher ranges. Overall, fantastic though.

its got good drive, and i can appreciate the atmosphere and ambience, but personally, i dont really like it. However, its just good. I dont like it personally, but its really good.

Midnights-Ocean responds:

I'm actually pleased to hear that. I work quite hard on the quality of my works. Obviously this flavor of music isn't everyone's thing. I REALLY appreciate the review and honesty! : D

those taiko drums are pretty cool. needs to be more bassy or the rhythym of the taikos need to be crazier with some TIGHT sixteenth / sextuplet runs in those taikos. thats about it

its so FUCKING LOUD. and theres no bass besides the metal guitar

Cethic responds:

You have a volume slider, and yes there is. Get headphones or speakers that aren’t shit.

this is just painful to my ears, mixing is bad, melody is bad, windows sound is bad, instrumentation is so bad, no ending. cool.

I felt like the song was just one big buildup with no real payoff. It sounds nice overall, but I feel that its just lacking a B-part that sounds a little bit different.

absolutely slappin

this song is gay but like in a cool way

5/4 time is really fun not gonna lie. This song is paced very well imo, and has a very very good build up. My only problem with it is the cymbals, as they sound kinda basic and out of place. I love the distorted synth during the drop, and the melody is fantastic. I love it.

I dont like the drop but the buildup is pretty cool I guess.

Delerium responds:

cool beans mate

I feel asleep and i cant get up!

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